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Frank Enstien
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Gender: Male
Race: Werewolf
Occupation: Doctor
Parents: Unknown
Spouse: Unknown
Children: None
Relatives: Unknown
Affiliations: Doctors

Hospitals and Clinics







Dr. Frank Enstien is a 33 year old Doctor and Werewolf in the 136th Century


Early Life[]

Frank was born and raised in America. Growing up, he was constantly teased for being a Werewolf. He grew up in a mostly Human community. When he graduated Highschool, we left for medical school where he trained to be a Doctor specializing in Humans, Werewolves, and Shape Shifters. While in medical school, during a Hospital visit, he met a Female Shadow Person that was a patient that had caught The Disease. Frank took a liking to her and soon started to visit her at the hospital everyday. Eventually he confessed his feelings for her, and she returned them. When she had started showing signs of healing from The Disease, she was release from the hospital and lived with Frank in his small one bedroom appartment. The two later married and had discussed starting a family.Their efforts to start a family ended in disappointment until her death a year later from The Disease.

Crushed, Frank continued with his career, often staying away from victims of The Disease out of grief. He stayed within his comfort zone, treating fractures, minor viral infections, and various wounds. He continued to mourn for 7 years, falling into a deep depression.

Meeting the Gang[]

7 years after his Wife's death, he was hired at a small local clinc in New York. A week after he was hired, and in the middle of the night, He was paged into the front lobby where he saw a group of young people, some being carried and wounded. He's brought to the attention of a young, sick, wounded, and unconscious Shadow Girl being carried by Alyssa. He takes the Shadow girl to be treated, and later finds out that she is pregnant ontop of being starved, deaf, and having The Disease. He also finds out her name to be Ibezil.

After Ibezil's condition improves a bit, he finds the she had stolen food from a nearby market to feed herself and a small mouse she had befriend outside the clinic. Then upon questioning Escaan about taking Ibezil to look after her for legal circumstances, he notices that Ibezil had had an allergic reaction to the food she ate. He then diagnosed her with food allergies. Ever since that one day, he's been one of Ibezil's and Isaac's doctors and friend.