136th Century Wiki
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Gender: Male
Race: Half Shadow Person, Half Human
Occupation: "Slave"
Parents: Lenaro (father)

Ibezil (mother)

Spouse: None
Children: None
Relatives: Tydried (Grand father (Ibezil's side))

Saarea (Grand mother (Ibezil's side)) David (Uncle)

Escaan (Uncle)

Kasumi (Cousin (David's daughter))

Affiliations: His family

Isaac is a 1 year old half Shadow Person half Human in the 136th Century.


Early Life[]

Isaac was concieved when Lenaro mixed his blood with Ibezil's.

Through the pregnancy, Ibezil had Lenaro's Nano-machines which made Isaac grow and form faster than a regular pregnancy. When Ibezil suddenly lost the Nano-machines, the shock made her go into labor.

Isaac was born in Noctis' Lab through an alchemic c-section.

The second day of Isaac's life, he was brought to Father's Castle when Ibezil ran away to it. Later, as the fight against Father started, Johnathan takes Isaac back to America, to Dr. Enstien as Lenaro and Ibezil had wanted, incase they both didn't make it through the fight.

Isaac spent a few days in Dr. Enstien's care, being chose by Lenaro and Ibezil to be his legal guardian if they both died in the fight against Father. When Lenaro and Ibezil returned, it was found out that Lenaro had suffered some various conditions, and may not live. During this time, Ibezil had custody of Isaac, and had she and Lenaro had signed a contract that in the case of Lenaro's death, Lenaro's money would be given to Ibezil to support Isaac. One night, Lenaro passed away in his sleep, and Ibezil was immediately notified by Dr. Enstien. Devastated, Ibezil spends the next few months with Escaan, where they both support Isaac. It is soon found out that Issac has several Food alergies just as Ibezil; caffeine, pineapple, beef, pork, venison, corn, nuts, imitation cocoanut, and cumin.

Current Life[]

After the new Laws against Shadow People were passed, Ibezil feared for her and Isaac's saftey, and turned to Noctis for help. As a result, Noctis regesters them both as his slaves to keep them from being captured and possibly separated. Ibezil and Isaac now live with Noctis, where Isaac is properly taken care of and constantly looked after incase any new health problems arise. He's also spoiled rotten by them both, buying him any toys or furniture they find fit.