136th Century Wiki

the disease Zato is a 19 year old shape shifte who lives in the 136th century.


Early Life[]

Zato was born in a house far off from any city or town due to their parents being poor at the time with his brother's medical bill and not alot of money so he was a low class at the time. One day while he was 3, his parents were murdered due to a attack from two shadow people, Zato was hiding under a sink because he was playing hide and go seek with his parents. 2 weeks after Zato swore he end the lifes of all Shadow people just as they ended his parents. when he turn 15 he made his own armor and weapon due to his research on Shadow people so he be perpaired for what seemed to become his life mission. His first "targets" were Escaan's parents. However, he was too worried to do the act because he be doing what the shadow people did to him, Destroy a family, so he left to find different target, not knowing that someone pretended to be him and did the sinful act. Where ever he went his targets died by someone other then his hand but took it as a act he himself commited. During his travels he heard that he was being hunted by Escaan, Zato thought that it must of been some fool trying to save the lifes of his race, still not knowing what happened to the family he thought were lefted unharmed.

Meeting the Gang[]

Zato was walking in his hometown after his latest hunt seemed to be pointless since everyone was going to die anyways. After abit he walks across a hallway and sees Ibezil. After abit when people started to show he grabed her, thinking the new feeling he was getting was something he got from a hunt but it was really just a crush and he didn't know much about love. After going nowhere Zato gave up only to come back and fights Noctis for abit before transforming and moving around senseing Escaan who he has meet in the past. Zato comes out only to get overpowered from the start of the fight. After transforming with help from smoke he got Ibezil right where he wanted her. However the tables get turned and Zato is forced to retreat while getting attacked by Escaan. he retreats due to him having the disease in him. After drinking his tempo-jel which prevents the Disease from killing him. He goes to bed, thinking about restarting in the morning. He takes another drink, knowing now he has a crush on Ibezil now when he thought about it. He then goes to where Ibezil is and takes her to a hopsital. Escaan was there but he didn't care at the moment.